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Plex for Android v7.12.2.9471 Apk

Powerful Plug-in Media Player for Android Plex for Android

Video, music and photo playback Delivered by Plex Unlocked version of the app

One of the problems that many users have is that they install a program to play multimedia files on their phone, but this software does not support all audio and video formats and will therefore be forced to Set up multiple programs to play audio and video files on your phone.

This will make the space of your phone more occupied and on the other hand can reduce the speed and performance of the phone. This time, we intend to introduce a program that installing it no longer requires installing several different applications to run your media files.



  • Ability to play movies, photos and music without limitations
  • Access media files from the application server
  • Very high quality media player playback
  • Ability to change the format of media files on the phone
  • Easily share media with friends and family
  • Support for Google Drive cloud services and …

The powerful Plex for Android app fully supports various audio and video formats. This software is capable of executing a variety of audio and video formats at high speed in your phone.

The speed of executing files by PLEX is very high and you will not see any legs in the function of this software. The ability to manage and organize videos and music within the phone is another feature of this app. When you install this software, it automatically scans and identifies all media files on your phone and gives you access to them.


• [Mobile] App may crash if left in the background while connected to a remote player. 
• [Mobile] Manual connections may not be discovered (fixes # 10435)

Much more, see https://goo.gl/GqRo4m

Download files with direct link

Apk ARM version – Size: 52.94 MB

Apk ARM64 version – Size: 55.4 MB

Apk X86 Special Edition – Size: 56.76 MB

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