Potion Potion Potion Punch

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Potion Punch is an awesome and different game with great design and addictive gameplay that has been designed and manufactured by the Monstronauts Inc Design Company for Android platforms. In this unique game , by displaying a clever matching of magic colors and magic, you can display the theory of color and contemporary art that encompasses a wide range of potions.

Potion Punch


  • With over 7 unique and attractive locations 
  • Has customers and special characters at different stages
  • An infinite collection of mental possibilities and strengthened management power 
  • A color based gameplay with a neat design based on color theory
  • Charming sound with stunning and colorful graphics
  • Possibility to combine beverages to infinity and unlimited
  • With thousands of varied episodes with laughter and joke for hours

In the Potion Punch , you can handle the best selling potion shop, and be familiar with the customer. It’s interesting to know that your potions come in a wide range of different colors, and that the combination of each one can make an effective step in your popularity and make you grow ever more. Each color has the magic of power that the customer can choose any color he likes. Remember that in this game you will play as a professional chef in your potion store. So, expand your stores in 7 unique locations around the globe and, by upgrading your equipment, design and lay your own shops with unique furniture and decoration so you can delight travelers with the best seller Be the world This game is all colorful, and this colorfulness can literally be enjoyable and for hours you entertain in a different and entertaining environment. In general, the game, in addition to its unmatched design, increases the power of your analysis and management, and on the same basis, it is at the top of the fun game table.