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Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner v2.9.2.6 Apk is Available !

Smartphone app optimized Power Clean

Manage different parts of the phone
With over 50 million downloads from Google Play
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Power Clean a small, fast and perfect for Android phones that uses the phone will have the ability to speed up and clean up. This app allows you to increase the speed of Rome, device optimization, program management, program crashes and is capable of maintaining security. With this program you can you can get more free space, increase the speed of your RAM, you can provide your own safety, remove or disable unnecessary programs, applications and lock your device If you earn to think that, right now you’ve bought it!


Cleanup unused files:

This software such as clearing unused files system cache, speed reducer files, clearing the Downloads folder and … the possibility of increasing the speed of the phone and also the phone will give you space clearing. The software also allows you to clean up your browsing history and memory as well clipboard.

Speed RAM:

Ability to clean and optimize the speed of the phone’s memory by disabling programs that run in the background and feature phones stop programs that are executed automatically reduce the speed of the RAM by the program It is possible. This application has a small widget that is placed on the home screen and touching it can increase your phone’s speed and RAM.

Program Management:

The easy cleanup programs that are not necessary and are executed in the background phones. You can disable the installation of programs. The ability to scan and remove unwanted programs Apk there as well. You can use the app to lock or hide them to make sure they are protected and secure.

Device information:

View the status of CPU, RAM, GPU, camera, phone space, RAM, battery and hardware features with this program possible. You can have programs that consume a lot of battery to stop.

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