Power Security-Antivirus Clean Android

No ads and no mods

Power Security-Antivirus Clean is a multipurpose utility for protecting the security of the phone from security damage and also optimizing it to increase the efficiency of mobile phones.


  • Keep your phone safe against viruses
  • Protecting your mobile phone with ReallTime
  • Maintain Wi-Fi network security to prevent it from infiltration
  • Lock the apps installed on your phone
  • Deleting additional and unused files
  • Speed ​​up the phone with one click!

Power Security-Antivirus Clean also can be used as a powerful security software by removing unnecessary files and speeding up your device.This app is capable of protecting your phone against any security risk in terms of virus, network penetration, and so on. With this software, you do not have to worry about surfing the web to infect your phone with various viruses. Also included in this app is the ability to maintain the security of apps installed on the phone with locking on them.Read Also..