The newest version of PPSSPP Gold Android

The best PSP simulator for Android

PPSSPP Gold is the software that allows you to run portable games, the PSP on Android.

Before the advent of the smartphones, the PSP was one of the most popular game consoles, and many games were released and released. If you are a fan of this console, you can play PPSSPP Gold games on your Android phone. Just copy the PSP games that have CSO or ISO extensions in their memory and select them in the app environment to run the games.

PPSSPP-Gold --- PSP-emulator-2atributies:

  • Easy run of many games
  • Has a powerful control simulator
  • Run games in HD format and high quality
  • The ability to save games and their stages

The smooth running of games by this program depends on the power of your phone’s hardware, and if you have a weak phone, you should not go to this program.

Some tested games:

Person 2, Person 3 Portable
Dragon Ball Z
Little Big Planet
Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Final Fantasy: Type-0
Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake
Soul Calibur
Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6
Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS