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Qute: Terminal console Premium v3.6.1 Apk is Available !

New and functional Qute interface interface: Terminal console

Premium and Full Unlock

Qute: Terminal console The title of an application and the command line interface for running Unix and Linux commands is to install binary files and create shell scripts developed and published by the DDM group for the Android operating system. The command line interface is a mechanism for communicating with the operating system and programs by typing specific commands that are highly applicable among professional operating system users and from all the popular and important commands on a computer such as ping, netstat, trace, cd , Mkdir and … and you can easily use all of them.

Qute: Terminal console


  • Set up and create shortcuts for commands
  • Intelligent auto-complete system for incomplete entered commands
  • Script editor and dash access
  • Run base terminal commands and existing binary files
  • List your favorite commands and args 
  • Autocomplete for commands
  • Support for devices with root access

The ability to access terminal systems is one of the Qute index capabilities : Terminal console . Setting up and creating shortcuts for commands and the ability to complete autocomplete for incompletely entered commands is another important feature of this program. User-friendly interface with low program volume and unique features and capabilities in this software has been able to distinguish it from other similar applications and its popularity doubles. Take advantage of this powerful tool to control your overall system. 

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