Attractive and exciting Racing Rivals game

Excellent graphics with lots of fun gameplay

Another product from GLU ‘s reputable company

Normal version + Modified version

Over 50 million downloads in Google Play

Racing games, especially machine games, have never been repeated, they will not be! Unnamed companies have made games in the name of a rally car race, and it reaches well-known companies like EA, Gameloft, and more. In this article, we are going to introduce the controversial Racing Rivals game from GLU . Check out this beautiful game with.


atributies :

  • Excellent graphics
  • Great effects, great detail
  • The design of cars and the environment
  • Professional gameplay in a different style
  • Extremely stressful and exciting atmosphere
  • Race and high-speed racing
  • Use Real-time technology in game design
  • Has betting stakes
  • Have weekly competitions either individually or team-mates
  • The presence of sports cars from companies like McLaren, Subaru, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Ford, RWB, Scion, BMW, Acura and SR
  • Tune
  • The ability to upgrade various parts of the car
  • Ability to customize and layout cars
  • Optimized for better gaming experience on tablets, ultimately quality
  • It has an online section to compete with people around the world

Racing Rivals game

Racing Rivals is one of GLU’s reputable games to compete with global games like the Asphalt and Real Racing series. Racing Rivals is an illegal city-class car racing game. The main difference between the game and the Asphalt and Real Racing games is in the main view and the type of gameplay. In Asphalt and Real Racing, you are able to control the car from the rear view, but in the Racing Rivals the new and popular style of the car racing is used.

The Racing Rivals are out of sight, and your main focus is not on handling, but on the proper use of the brake pedal and brake. In fact, this style is made for the two-person race. Since Racing Rivals is an online game, it should be considered reasonable to choose this style. However, you can not understand the differences until you experience the game yourself.

Much of the is in the online lobby. You have to compete with other people around the world. There are also online chat rooms in these lobbies. The game is also a bet. You set the amount of money or even put your car in these bets instead of money. Surely winning the prize is the owner.

Note: Please note that many online games such as Racing Rivals also have modded versions. But due to the type of performance of these games, in most cases the edited versions are not affected or endangered. has released versions of the game and the mega-game made by users. Please do not ask in the comments section if you are not able to use these editions.