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Radardroid Pro v3.49 Apk is Available !

Alarm and Speed ​​Control Software and Radardroid Police Camera View

Radardroid is a functional and essential application for driving and speed control developed by VenteroTel for Android smartphones. With this fun and creative app, you can easily get a visual and audible alert when you approach the fixed or mobile speed camera that is registered in the database, and control your speed on different routes. Also, with this software, you can accurately view the speed of the device you are moving with and drop it off with a comparable speed.



  • Ability to detect driving activity to clear alert mode
  • Ability to control speed and display speeds at different paths
  • Possibility to display police cameras to prevent fines
  • Ability to find the car in the emergency
  • Ability to customize important annotations as you wish
  • It has the ability to set alarms in the desired sounds
  • It has a simple and unobtrusive interface

With the Radardroid app, you can easily see the speed of the vehicle you’re driving with. One of the key features of this app is the display of legal and permissible speeds on roads and routes, so that on roads with a speed of up to 110 km / h, you will be notified and if your speed exceeds the maximum speed It will notify you through notifications. Another useful feature of this software is the ability to display important notifications with the ability to customize. Drive this app safely and securely.

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