The latest version of the Radio components calculator

Various Android apps can help users in various areas. These programs can be easily and easily downloaded and provided to users without any need to download on the Internet.

The Radio Components Calculator application is a very practical tool that allows you to get the right information about electronic components and socket types. Different electronic components are used in the boards. Each of these pieces has its own specifications and are placed in special categories. The amount of activity on the board is also different, and each one is used to a certain extent. With this program, you can easily measure the resistance of the pieces called resistors to the colors specified on their bodies or calculate the energy level of the capacitors.

Radio components calculator Download Electronic Component Calculator application

Features of Radio components calculator

  • A very functional tool
  • simple design
  • Color Guide and Resistance Signs
  • SMD Resistance Guide
  • Guide for Capacitor Signs
  • Color Diode Color Guide
  • Calculate LED Resistance
  • Calculate Ohm’s Law
  • Calculate the voltage division
  • USB, TRS, XLR DIN5, xPxC, RCA, S-Video, ATX / PC Output Guide
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Radio Components Calculator application is a very practical tool for electronics applications. Using this program, in addition to being able to identify the characteristics of these components, you can also calculate the amount of power and other items.Also within the program, various information about different parts of the output sockets is also available to you, which can be very useful.