Real-time simulation games can be very appealing because you can experience real life without fear and fear. The games are based on survival, and your only goal is to survive. Avoid dangers that endanger your life and make sure you have the right to live in your life.

The RAFT Original Survival Game is designed to show you the survival experience. In this game you are trapped in an infinite ocean and your only vehicle and shelter is the boat you have. Your enemies are ferocious sharks in the ocean. Of course, the ocean itself and its abundance can also be your enemy and endanger your life.

RAFT Original Survival Game Download the game Surviving the Ocean for Android

RAFT Original Survival Game

  • Endless play
  • Excellent game graphics and unparalleled ocean shapes
  • Realistic simulation of trying to survive
  • Hunting for the needs
  • Possibility to build and upgrade boats
  • Has various instructions for making the required items
  • Solve puzzles and puzzles to find the way in the ocean
  • Come on night of the day automatically
  • Different weather conditions
  • And other features

Other features of the RAFT Original Survival Game include the superb graphics and unparalleled design of the surroundings and the ocean, which fully captures the experience of living in the ocean. Your task in this endless game is to hunt your resources. You need to get water from different places. During the game, you will also receive various instructions for making essential items such as clothing and weapons.

The game is also the first person and you can see the hands of the character of the game. With the continuation of the game, you have to find the right way in the boundless ocean through different puzzles and puzzles, and go that way. To improve the game, you can also upgrade your boat by upgrading your boat and equip it with sea voyages.