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Resort Island Tycoon v1.4 Apk is Available !

Restaurant management game on the largest island of Malta, Resort Island Tycoon

Resort Island Tycoon is an awesome, fun or design game featuring a unique simulation game modeled on the AppOn Innovate Studio for Android smartphones. This exhilarating game examines your time management skills and resources and challenges you at various stages. As a professional investor, you set up your hotel and upgrade it with the latest amenities. Build a restaurant and a kitchen and serve a variety of drinks for your customers.

Resort Island Tycoon


  • More than 250 different items to decorate your city
  • Fun and entertaining missions
  • Availability of a variety of decorative items and items
  • Sell ​​hotels and open new exciting stuff
  • More than 5 unique hotspots
  • A variety of useful boosters to speed up the restaurant service
  • Colorful and vibrant graphics and exciting sound

Set on the Resort Island Tycoon Restaurant and Kitchen and serve a variety of drinks for your customers. Start managing the hotel, keep your customers happy, and make money from them by creating chain-of-the-line hotels around the city. Remember that customer service is equal to more money and faster progress; thus, the higher price equates to lower demand and higher profits, and vice versa, lower prices with more demand and as a result of customer satisfaction. At your request, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, beverages, and popularity amongst your customers. You must expand your hotel by purchasing the room for guests and renovate it with a variety of decorations, such as painting, etc. More than 5 unique entertainment venues, along with colorful, vibrant graphics and exciting soundtrack, have provided an exciting, addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours.

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