The newest Revenant Knight game for Android

The Revenant Knight game is an awesome action game for Android powered by the 6000Software Gaming Studio. In this fascinating game you will enter into fascinating battles with rock sculptures. The time has come to an end, and your enemies come in the form of great stone statues. You will go to the graveyard and you must search for a woman’s grave. Have a long night ahead and you must fight against various enemies at any moment. You will be a powerful and brave knight who will have to use your various combat equipment to defeat enemies.

Revenant Knight Download game The Knight of Death

Features of the game Revenant Knight

  • An awesome action game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Awesome 3D graphics
  • Has more than 77 steps
  • There are 36 different enemies
  • There are 14 bass fayt
  • Without any upgrades and additional equipment
  • Gamepad-based controller
  • Charming story
  • Exciting and engaging campaigns
  • And other features

As stated above, Revenant Knight is an awesome action game for Android that you can install and run into a world of battles. You have to take control of a brave knight and enter the battle. On your way you will face a variety of enemies and big statues that you must destroy as well as all of them. Available and available weapons do not need to be upgraded and equipped, and you can easily destroy enemies by using them.The game has several stages in which you have to fight with a variety of enemies and defeat them well.