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Ridge Racer Slipstream v2.5.4 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

Ridge Racer Slipstream Car Rally

Released by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America

+ With game mode 
With over 5 million downloads from the PlayStation 
Adorable graphics and excellent

Car style games are considered one of the most popular and attractive games. Different gaming companies have been offering games such as Asphalt , GT Racing and … for mobile phones to help users thirst for the excitement of this series of games, but the thrills and emotions that these games have not only filled. Not, but increased day by day. This time, we intend to introduce another series of similar games, Ridge Racer Slipstream, which is designed and released by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America for the Android operating system.



  • There are various racing cars
  • Possibility to upgrade different parts of the car
  • Doing matches on different routes
  • Different modes to do matches
  • Customization of different parts of the car
  • Very exciting and fun gameplay
  • Excellent and stunning HD graphics

Ridge Racer Slipstream can be considered as one of the best simulators of car racing on the phone, which allows you to experience a pleasure and unique match.

In this Android game, you have to enter racing racetracks, and you can try to increase your workout to win. Different machines in this game are intended for gamers, each of which has unique features. Someone is benefited. Some cars with higher power make it easier for you to race. On the other hand, the ability to tune up cars and increase their power will make it possible for you to use your vehicle with much higher power. You can upgrade various car related parts and have more power in the tournament. This tuning will include the various parts of your car; from car tires to a car engine, you can shine better by upgrading your car in the tournament. There is also the ability to customize the appearance of the machine. Using the parts that are considered in the game, you can customize the look of your car and change it to another design.

Ridge Racer Slipstream plays in different places. Different tracks are designed in this game that will make the tournament an unbeatable excitement for you. In particular, changing the playing field will prevent a repetition of the game environment. There are also several modes for gameplay that you can experience all of these different modes with increasing your driving skills.

The Ridge Racer Slipstream is designed with great graphics. The gaming environment is well designed and brilliant graphics. The gameplay will also allow you to experience a very challenging and exciting game. If you’re a car enthusiast, we strongly recommend that you never miss this game.

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