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Ringtone Maker v2.2.6 Apk is Available !

Ringtone Maker ringtone app

Shredded version without ads

Ringtone Maker is the name of the program for making ringtones on Android phones. With this app, you can create custom ringtones and customize your personal taste on the phone.



  • Copy, cut and paste
  • Fade in / out for mp3 files
  • Sound setting for mp3 files
  • View files and contacts for use
  • Equalizer Equalizer with 5 different levels
  • Ability to set the start and end point for audio files
  • Play the selected section of the audio file
  • Merge multiple audio files and make a new file
  • Record a new audio file for editing
  • Delete audio files
  • Sort by track, album and artist
  • Ringtone management for contacts

Many times, users are changing their ringtones. But you may have repeatedly thought that it’s time to make custom ringtones that fit your personal taste. The Ringtone Maker app gives users such an opportunity. With this program you can create custom tweaks.You can complete the sound settings for mp3 files. The ability to merge multiple files and create a single file is also included in this app. You can specify the starting point and end point of the files. You can get this app directly from the site.

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