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Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game v1.7.6 Apk is Available !

Play nice and administrative Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game

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Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game Beautiful Game Studios and management of Hong Kong Yan Ka Man is in the style of Casual (Casual) has been released for the Android operating system. This game, like the other time management games and cooking various elements that players will be interested in this style monumental challenge. TOP Android with the introduction of this game comes out.


Features :

  • Fancy graphics and cartoon
  • Simple gameplay and concept
  • Style Casual (Casual) for the passing of time
  • Mobile and travel to different parts of the restaurant management
  • Despite the very challenging and time management
  • Interesting characters.
  • Ability to upgrade items to increase the speed and quality of work
  • The possibility of cooking delicious dishes such as Scramble Egg, Pizza, Hotdog, Hamburger and …
  • Ability to manage personal and professional cleaning your Mobile

Introduce and review the game Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game

Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game or cloud rising chef and culinary management as a casual style that has been developed by the studio Hong Kong Yan Ka Man. In this game, like dozens of other franchises in this genre, you in the role of a skilled chef must pay to handle and manage a restaurant. One of the biggest differences between this game and other similar games is the type of restaurant.

The Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game you in the role of a young girl named Emma who had become a global recipe and are known. In this game you not only in restaurants and big equipped cook, but also personal mobile culinary experience you get at a restaurant. Emma has used the experience and skills and an attractive restaurant Mobile launches. On the other hand, he also works great restaurants and this has led to this young chef is very busy.

That’s why you have to help Emma get the best possible orders, cook the food and serve them. To do this, you can cook different foods at higher levels, recipes and learn more. You can also personalize your restaurants and various items to better use it. In the game Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game with Mobile Restaurant Emma traveled the world and in over 430 different stages cook delicious cuisines. Do not forget to order a hearing as soon as possible, to gain greater customer satisfaction.

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