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RIVAL FIRE v1.4.0 Apk + Data is Available !

The game is very exciting and popular RIVAL FIRE

Graphics exemplary with very high detail
The gameplay is incredibly engaging and entertaining style FPS action
Another reputable company masterpieces GLU

Game company GLU including active and creative studios in the field of mobile gaming, which in turn after the company EA toughest rival company Gameloft is. In July 2016 the company officially unveiled RIVAL FIRE popular game with its audience and its other games like it, offered for free. We’re playing along with the overall review.


Features :

  • Detailed graphics
  • Three-dimensional design and exemplary
  • Suitable volume than great graphics
  • Engaging gameplay, dynamic and fun
  • Style FPS Games
  • Has online, and allows you to play in several different modes for individual or team
  • Has the stage Campaign Mode
  • Has a training section Survival Mode
  • There are dozens of different types of firearms professional classes including Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, LMGs and Shotguns
  • Ability to upgrade weapons, military equipment and …
  • Take advantage of ancillary items such as grenades, launchers, drones, health kits and …
  • There are different characters and the possibility of creating a personalized team
  • Optimized for tablets

Introduce and review the game RIVAL FIRE

RIVAL FIRE Project Action , popular and full feedback studio GLU in July 2016, which is free for Android and iOS operating systems has been released. This game including games on Google Play is a record because the number of downloads of the game in less than a month after the publication of the border passes 5 million downloads!

FIRE RIVAL game like few other games in the genre Cover based shooter is the same studio. In this style of game you play the role of the main character is a stronghold entrenched behind you and you will face enemies are shooting at you. Your task is to aim and shoot at the enemies. GLU also possible shift in the way of his game and go to the other positions is also provided. Take advantage of dozens of weapons, items and so in this game.

In game two main parts RIVAL FIRE seen online and offline. Both parts are divided into subsets. In the Offline section can in stages (step) to play or participate Campaing Mode or Survival Mode to challenge your skills. But the main selling point is its online section of the game RIVAL FIRE. In this game can be viewed individually or as a team with other people around the world to play online and compete in the breathtaking and exciting company.

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