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Android version of the popular RoboForm Windows software

Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions in Windows

The RoboForm Password Manager, which is most likely to be familiar to most Internet and computer users, is the name of a strong managerial program and filling out passwords in forums and various types of Internet sites. Do not worry about forgetting your passwords with this software and do not severely weaken the security of your work by choosing a common password for all your accounts, but installing this software and installing a strong password for each of your site or forum accounts. Pick up the rest of this software. This software saves all your usernames, passwords and important information in the form of an encrypted file with a password master that is set up on your account so that if your application or even your Android phone is reset or flash You can retrieve your clicks with a few clicks.

RoboForm Password Manager

Hints :
You must open a RoboForm account in this program
This application runs on its own browser
It has the ability to combine with Firefox and Dolphin Merge (with the addon)