Rock The Ball

Normal version + split version

More than 50 million downloads from Google Play

RollTheBall is a very entertaining and entertaining game for Android, which has been very popular on the PlayStation site. The game is very fun, which has so far received more than 50 million times in the PlayStation and has won 4.3 points.

Roll-the-Ball ™ --- slide-puzzle


  • Pascal gameplay suitable for children and adults
  • There are very fun and attractive stages
  • No time limit to complete the steps
  • Ability to play the game offline without the Internet

In the RollTheBall game, you should be able to bring the ball from the beginning of the game to the end portion marked with red. But to do this, you need to be able to put squad squares in the same way that the ball moves from the blue house (home) to the red house (the final route) and the ball can move. This fascinating game has many stages that can entertain you. The interesting thing about the RollTheBall game is the lack of time limits; you will not have the rush to end the steps, and you can complete the whole process by sorting out the houses.