The latest version of ROM Toolbox Pro 

Suitable for rooted phones – Suitable for professional users

Note: This version is patched and does not require Lucky Patch and Google Play

ROM Toolbox Pro is one of the best operating system management programs and modifications that make it suitable for all users who have rooted Android handsets. This software has different sections and functionality, and offers a variety of unique variations on the operating system. The program has a 4.6-point rating of 5.0 from Google, which can be named as the best operating system management program.


atributies :

  • Prepare and restore backup programs
  • Automatic backup deletion when deleting the application
  • Send backup copies via email or dropbox
  • Sort backup copies (installed, old versions and …)
  • Backup and restore program information
  • Backup and restore Android Market links
  • Viewing profile using Ram
  • Show and hide various processes
  • Send programs to friends
  • Transfer the installed programs to the memory card
  • Freeze and defrost system programs and user programs
  • Market Doctor – Link app to Android Market
  • Remove link to Android Market
  • Delete dalvik-cache
  • Fixes permissions in all apps
  • Delete data or cache programs
  • Force close programs
  • Install or change fonts
  • Change Boot Animation
  • Deformed battery status
  • Change Boot Logo
  • Change the theme
  • File Browser (Need Root):
  • Access to all system files (including the data folder).
  • copy / paste, delete and move files and folders
  • Change permissions to access files
  • View, edit and share files
  • Add new files and folders in each branch