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[Root] BlueStacks v3.7.18.2302 Apk is Available !

The latest version of the BlueStacks Android 4.4.2 kit kit

The best Android simulator on Windows and Mac 
Root and Offline version for Windows + Mac version

It comes with a tool for routing and manipulating Bluestacks

BlueStacks lets you run your Android apps and games in full screen on Windows and Mac.

You can also switch between Android and Windows instantly without having to restart. You can place Android app icons on your computer desktop. With this app you can test and use the Android software without having an Android phone or tablet, just like that on your computer. Owning Bluestacks can see what you already saw on your phone or friends from now on on your computer and in front of you, which means that you can use an app that’s on the desktop just like when Interact with your mobile phone and take advantage of its features.

In addition, the ability to sync the program allows you to back up applications and information stored on the phone to your computer.

BlueStacks software features:

  • Run Android games and apps in Windows
  • Simulator vibration phone
  • Quickly install apps and games
  • Supports multiple tabs
  • Capture videos and screenshots
  • Possibility to determine the position of the GPS in the form of a timer


  1. To run the program, you will need a system with at least 2GB of RAM and a 2-core CPU, and the graphics card driver must also be upgraded to the latest version to run the software without problems.
  2. To install games and apps, you need to open Apk files by installing the app, HD-ApkHandler.exe, to be installed automatically.
  3. The inserted version is completely rooted and has full access to Root and SuperSU.
  4. Installing this program requires Net Framework 3.5 up.
  5. Before installing this version, first completely delete the previous version and reset Windows.

Tutorial for installing an Android app (with APK extensions) in BlueStacks:

1. Download and install the BlueStacks software first.
2. Run the installation file with the APK extension and the program will automatically install the program or game.
To access the installed programs, you can run them from the Applications folder on the desktop.

How to directly access SDCard in BlueStacks: (To copy files and data)

  1. First install a file manager, such as the ES File Manager application
  2. Quit the app completely.
  3. Copy the photos and files you want to import to BlueStacks in the C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ SharedFolder directory .
  4. Enter BlueStacks and run ES File Manager.
  5. Look for the BstSharedFolder folder. (This folder is usually located in storage / SDcard / windows .)
  6. All the information you copied to BlueStacks should be viewed here.
  7. Select the photos and information you want to use in the applications from this folder.
  8. Click and hold on them until a small menu appears and click Copy.
  9. Go back to the back with the UP button (usually SDCard).
  10. Copy your data here via Menu -> Operation -> Paste.

– If you want to install a particular game that has a special Data file, you need to copy the Data file according to the command at the correct location.

Tutorial on Bluestacks Routing with Bluestacks Tweaker 2

Download file

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