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Root Call Blocker Pro v2.5.3.40 Apk is Available !

Create a black list on the phone with the Root Call Blocker

Prevent unwanted calls and SMS

Can be installed on rooted phones

Many times it happens that we are receiving calls and SMS from unknown numbers. Or even the numbers we know, but they are perceived as intrusive and do not like to contact us. Usually, in the past, they turned off the phone in such a situation to prevent interruptions. But with smartphone shipments, this does not need to be done, but just by installing a black list on the phone, we can prevent such problems so that we never see any calls or SMS from that number on our phone.

This time on the top Android site, we have prepared one of the best and most powerful BlackBerry apps called Root Call Blocker, which lets you put annoying numbers on the blacklist!



  • Missing the phone and turning the screen on
  • Display the widget when calling to block the number
  • Manage the listings remotely using the Google Contacts group
  • Block SMS messages without the default settings
  • Customize notifications with vibration, rust and LED colors

Root Call Blocker is a powerful application for creating blacklists on Android phones and putting intruding numbers so that you never see SMS or a call from these numbers. This software allows you to block all the calls it receives from you by entering the person’s number. You will, of course, be able to see the list of calls and even blocked messages in the Root Call Blocker, if desired.The different feature of the Root Call Blocker program is to have a dedicated widget as well as other similar programs that you will see when you receive a call. You can put the number in the blacklist by simply pressing this widget.

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