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Root Check v4.3.7.0 Apk is Available !

Check routine of the handset with Root Check

Shredded version and full unlock and Premium with all features

You’ve probably noticed that installing some apps on the phone requires routing the phone. But for beginners, how do you want to figure out if your phone has been rooted?


You can use Root Check to figure out if your Android phone has been rooted. This free full-featured software will let users know if they’re rooting or not. Of course, the only application of Root Check is not knowing the rooting of the handset, but it also provides you with the complete information about the rout and its benefits and the reason for using rout and … and will guide you to the right track. There are other tutorials on this software that can enhance your information about rout and in general Android.

Root Check has a very attractive and beautiful material design. The application environment is also very simple to design. By opening the program, if you see your phone rooted, you will see the tick “ROOTED”.

Note: This software is not intended to rout the phone and will only show users whether their phone has been routed or not!

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