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Root Cleaner | Clearing System Eraser v7.1.1 Apk is Available !

Root Cleaner cleanup program and speed up your phone

One of the problems that the users will see after work with your phone, the phone is slow. Sometimes viruses can be the phone of the reasons that slow down the phone. But other reasons such as the accumulation of unwanted and unused files, cache instead of staying applications and games, making additional folders and files, and can also slow down the mobile phone is involved.



  • Quick clean up the main part of the phone that will increase its speed
  • The possibility of clearing the full-featured battery optimization, cache, additional folders, and files without using …
  • Management of internal programs and offers to remove the programs installed
  • View information about the mobile phone hardware, including RAM, memory, cache, data and systems
  • A dedicated widget on your home screen for easy access
  • Support for multiple languages

In such circumstances, the users are looking for a way to speed up your mobile phone. One of the simplest yet best way to deal with this problem using optimization program the phone.

This time on one of the best software to optimize handset called Root Cleaner have prepared you can install it on your rooted phone. The software is able to erase junk files without using the phone, your phone rid of unused files that can reduce space, RAM and it would have been rid.

In addition to optimizing and tweaking handset solutions to increase the battery life is also included in the Root Cleaner is that if you can use them longer than your phone’s battery. The software has a dedicated widget that you can put it on your phone’s home page and just click on it once to do to optimize your Android phone and use it more quickly.

Note: Root Cleaner software is installed only on rooted phones.

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