Genius + rooted Android version of the Windows version

One of the things that always have questions about which users have been looking for a way to do it, Ruth’s Android mobile phone. In this case, the problem is usually all users and can not be routed to cell phones. If you know about the programs offered to root the phone that allows users to root the phone gives one-click.

This time also ApkTops on one of these programs under the Root Genius have prepared using it allows you to easily root your Android device. The software can be easily and very quickly routed to your phone. This software can support more than 10 thousand different Android devices and can be routed through its operations in the event that your device from a ‘support, do.


Note: This software is for Windows operating systems and is available for both Android system.

How to use (Windows version Ruth Genius):

  1. First USB debuging from the developer option in the settings enabled.
  2. Then connect the phone to a computer with a cable.
  3. Install and run the Windows version of the program.
  4. An internet connection and then select Rootit and wait for the phone to be routed.

In Android, rooting procedure so on.


Download files