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Root Tool Case Premium v1.7.0 Apk is Available !

Total Root Tool Case Root Tool Case

Premium version with access to all features

The Root Tool Case is a collection of cool and fun tools for rooted devices designed by the cpu82 company for Android platforms and released in the great Polystore market. This application software is designed from six different sections with specific sub-categories in each section, which utilizes any part of the application to be managed on your Android device in a special way.

Root Tool Case


  • Ability to create flash queues for multiple Zip files
  • Enable or disable programs by freezing them
  • Ability to manage and uninstall applications
  • Has an Init.d simulator to run scripts when starting up the phone
  • Clearing data or cache programs in the fastest possible time
  • Ability to clean memory and increase speed
  • Simple and acceptable user interface

As the rotunders are more efficient than conventional phones, the Root Tool Case provides users with a set of useful applications for rooted phones, and it does not require you to have other similar applications. Manage fully-installed installed programs, enable or disable custom programs, edit parts of the device’s RAM, etc. The other features of this app are unique. Also included is a tool to clean memory and increase the speed of the device in this application so that it can easily multiply the speed of the dado of the smart operating system. It is interesting to know that, apart from the section introduced from the six existing sections, the Build.prop Editor option It is also one of the most popular parts of the existing section, with which users can edit their different parts of their RAM. It is recommended that programs be frozen or stopped to prevent excessive consumption of batteries.

Note : To use this app, you need to be a router on the Android device because it does not rotate your device on its own. Also, the features of this software are very powerful, be careful to use them properly.

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