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[Root]GLTools (gfx optimizer) v1.98 APK Free DOWNLOAD

Download the app will display graphics GLTools [root] (gfx optimizer) v1.98 Android + Example

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The latest version of the purchased program

Rating 4. 6 stars and the price of $ 6 on Google Play!

Change your phone GPU model for more games!

GLTools is a fantastic app for Android has been released and a very high price 2. Google sold $ 99 which we bought in Andrvydkdh new version and unlock it with all the features to be fully You are free to have given the ultimate pleasure of fun!

ChainFire 3D in the past was one of the programs that are very similar to the program and now with the addition of the Android operating system and other new phones do not work ChainFire 3D and should be looking for an alternative and powerful to be The program has more than a thousand download and rating 4. 3 stars in the Google Play store for it is a great alternative!

It is a simulation program that uses advanced graphics software, it can change a lot on the GPU (graphics processing unit android phone) to do and easy to play with speed, a much higher graphics. Run a higher frame rate!

Also for much more precision in the program can choose the option of displaying 16-bit to 16-bit applications to provide you with everything that! Games run more smoothly, the ability to delete or resize the texture and change the profile of the GPU and GPU you have some special feature is that the program puts at your disposal.In the following video of the game on LG G2. We can use the results of the application and to see it! We suggest that you do not miss this unique program. For download and more screenshots from the app to read more to see!

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