RULES OF SURVIVAL is one of the most famous action games on Google Play

RULES OF SURVIVAL is a super awesome game, which no doubt this action game can provide a great gameplay to entertain you. The story of this game is about you and 120 other gamers who will land on an island during a flight. Then you need to look for weapons and useful parts that can be done within a limited time, after which time you have to enter a specific area and get the tools and weapons you have gained and get points for them. Find out. This game does not end here, but there are other sections that are included for your entertainment.


atributies :

  • Play fair game with a spectacular HD design
  • Place of play in individual or group of 120
  • Access to many other weapons and tools
  • Swimming and racing and … to earn points
  • Fun and totally addictive gameplay
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets
  • Run the game online


The RULES OF SURVIVAL game can not end in a limited environment for weapons, but you need to know the extent of the game is about the first time that has been applied to such a game genre. To get weapons and other parts you can do things like: driving, swimming, shooting and shooting, and all that will have a good impact on your victory. The spectacular graphics of the game are designed in 3D, which allows you to play the game in an HD environment and get the very best gameplay you have in the ultimate pleasure.