Walking and running with a sports program

RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

If you care about the health and fitness of your body, we recommend using RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk software. This app is designed and developed by the Professional FitnessKeeper studio for Android users.


  • Make a challenge, invite friends, record the progress of each person and have the opportunity to chat with them
  • Run voice commands that lets you know the distance, time, and exercise time
  • Exercise programs that allow you to follow a suitable exercise program every time
  • Get rewards to further challenge you and persuade you to continue it
  • Ability to listen to music by connecting to programs such as Spotfey . Ability to connect to Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and …
  • Connect via bluetooth to view heart rate and … to wearable widgets
  • Has a chronometer to measure time
  • Share your activities and improvements on various social networks

RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk is a program for recording daily sports activities and can track and control them completely. With this powerful software you can control and monitor sports activities that you do throughout the day. This software provides great features for users. There is also a possibility to connect the application to the wearable widgets. You can also compare your progress with your friends and get informed about it by sharing the results of your activities on various social networks.