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Runtastic PRO Running Fitness v7.2.2 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Android Runtastic Running PRO

You must be a concern for every human being’s fitness over the different solutions to a beautiful organ of thought today we want to introduce software that can help you a lot to keep fit. Application Runtastic Running PRO uses GPS sports activities such as running, walking and cycling measures. The program with the help of measuring parameters such as time, distance, elevation change, speed, calories burned, and check your progress to your goal with you.



  • Map and tracking workouts and monitor the progress of your workouts
  • Viewing track with three-dimensional exercises with all the details
  • Personal training diary
  • Further mapping exercises at previous meetings
  • Graphs such as height, speed and heart rate
  • Enjoy practicing and avoid monotony by playing music
  • Set up goals
  • Different colored routes on a map with a change of pace
  • Share your sports activities on Google, Facebook and Twitter
  • Manually entering training

Pro version features:

  • Voice guidance during workout
  • Live tracking and encourage the sharing and receiving messages
  • Auto Pause: when you’re not moving train automatically stops
  • Create or find a different sport routes
  • Education and training are enhanced performance
  • Training and analysis of heart rate
  • Set speed due to intake of calories
  • Automatically connect to SmartWatch 2
  • No ads

Note: To use the application you must register and login to see it once, and next time also can be used offline. Trying to use all the features of the software, such as weather and it is better to use the online mode of application. Low volume of data consumed by application and can also use GPRS.

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