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Secret Tower: 500F v46 Apk is Available !

Android Tower Tower Secret Tower: 500F

The Secret Tower: 500F is another fantasy gameplay online multiplayer game developed and developed by Next Doors for Android platforms. In this fun game, cross 500 floors in the hidden tower to compete with your enemies and take them away for their championship.

Secret Tower: 500F


  • It has challenging and varied stages
  • Explore the mysterious rooms of a tower
  • Ability to create and upgrade your powerful hero
  • Excitement and dynamic out of scale
  • Fantasy gameplay with dark space
  • Has a high-end graphics and a listening sound

In the Secret Tower: 500F, there are some mysterious and surprising mysteries in each tower, which also includes hidden and valuable gifts. With your speed and courage, you have the great potential of creating a powerful team with your friends in this game, and as a result, collect rare items and create powerful HERO. Just as the dynamics and excitement of your scale drops out, you have to prove that you have the proper authority to make bold decisions on various missions. The game’s beautiful and fancy gameplay is admired, and with spectacular sounds and dark spots, it has created a new development in fantasy and RPG games.

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