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Selfie Camera Facial Beauty v1.3.9 Apk

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Selfie Camera Facial Beauty v1.3.9 Apk facial beauty and charm enhancing filters to make your pics super cute And super sweet. Be the radiant girl as a grown up cutie orsweet princess, it’s all up to you.

Key features:-

30+ Instagram and Aviary like photo filters to create truly unique selfies that you can upload and share on almost any messenger app or your preferred social network with a tap of a few buttons. Several filters that you’ll find in Selfie Camera can even brighten up dull shots or smoother your skin. For those with embarrassing acne marks on their face, the included acne concealer lets you erase these marks.

If you apply too many filters, the photo can easily come out looking fake and rather unappealing. Selfie Camera doesn’t double as acamera, meaning you can’t take a selfie right from the app.

Selfie Camera Facial Beauty v1.3.9 Apk

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