Show atmospheric status with Sense Flip Clock & Weather

With the possibility of displaying the clock

Delivered by MACHAPP Software

More than 10 million downloads from the Polystrove

Sense Flip Clock and Weather is an app for displaying the weather status with the clock (time) of different countries around the world. This software is able to display the clock along with the current weather status on the home screen as well as the screen saver page.

Sense-Flip-Clock - & - Weather


  • It has 3 dedicated widgets in sizes of 4 × 1, 4 × 2 and 5 × 2
  • Floating animations
  • Has several shells for gadgets
  • Different layouts for the atmospheric status icons
  • Multiple fonts for displaying time
  • Ability to display alert on the widget
  • View the place of residence
  • Automatic weather update
  • Options for changing clock notifications
  • Local time and time display of different countries

Sense Flip Clock and Weather is a weather forecast app. With this app you can see the current weather conditions and the countries you want.

The ability to view atmospheric conditions for the next seven days also comes with this app. This software has a dedicated widget that you can use on the home screen of your phone and provide faster access to weather and weather. There is also the option to select the desired shell from several layouts for the appearance of widgets.