Insert contact picture of Set contact photo

You may have seen many times in your friends or friends’ phone that the caller’s image is displayed when a cellphone rings. This is usually done using special software that can capture images for each of the contacts in the phone.


  • List all contacts
  • Filter audiences that do not have an image
  • Possibility to display contacts’ photos in the WhatsApp app for contacts
  • Use your profile’s Watson profile images on your phone contacts
  • Supports Viber profile pictures
  • Possibility to use Facebook site for photo and contact names
  • Search for contact photos on Google, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • No need to log in to social networks
  • Ability to cut or rotate Sweeper
  • Extract information from contacts
  • Add or edit contact

Set Contact Photo is a program for doing the same, which lets you put an image for each of the contacts within the phone. This software allows you to place any image you want each contact to see when it rings your phone. Possibility to take pictures from Watts Apps, Viber and … are among the features of this Android application.