Shadow Fight 3 New Version of the Battle of Shadows 3

The third series of battle shadows game

Strong work from Nekki Studio

Shadow Fight 3 is the third version of the Battle of Shadows series for Android, which was scheduled to be released in 2016, but due to some reasons, version 3 of the game was released in 2017. The game continues the fighting process of the previous versions, this time with features and items and new enemies, which is definitely the third version of the game will be more popular than the first and second versions of the game Shad Fayt. The game is designed by Nekki’s Playing Studio. This game has been published in the action games category for download.

Download Shadow Fight 3 Download game Shad Fayt 3

Characteristics of the game Shad Fayt 3

  • Battle in diverse and attractive environments
  • Having different enemies
  • The ability to fight in different stages
  • Access to various weapons
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Ability to customize the game
  • Having daily missions
  • HD graphics in 2D form
  • Great sound throughout the game
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets
  • Ability to play offline
  • Possibility to strengthen your skills
  • Struggle in breathtaking stages
  • Changing game characters to new characters
  • Fight in the new age

Introducing Shadow Fight 3

There are no other shadows in the awesome game of Shadow Battle, and Shadoo has become a handsome, handsome fighter that is at your service. Start fighting with different rivals and prove their skill in swords and fighting. In this game, you can access various weapons, which may be the most important of them, Shimr and Chagh. The main character of the game has many editions that you can play the game in new environments and enjoy it. In the second version of Shadow Fight 2 you were a shadow and you had to fight with the shadows, but the story in Shadow Fight 3 is completely different.

The new Shadow Fight 3 game has been added to the game, with all the gaming environments being designed as HD and made the best of the best. Play the game Shado Fight 3 now released on Google Play. In this series of Shadow Fight 3 games, you need to download the game Shadf Fight 3, which can be downloaded for your loved ones. The perfectly healthy version of the Shadow Battle game 3 is now downloadable in Android’s Top.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shadoo Fight 3 is online and has not been released to date. The new version released on the top Android site has the ability to freeze the opponent and you can take the races easily.