Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight is an awesome, new and addictive game in the classic arcade style and action game developed by the Zonmob Game Studio for Android smartphone platform. Another version of the game is the largest combination of RPG and classic games that allows you to equip your shadow with deadly weapons to create a unique hero.

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight


  • The possibility to travel to 3 different lands with unique demons
  • Includes 2 battle modes with the ability to customize its various details
  • Ability to personalize your main character with an epic sword and …
  • The existence of a variety of dangerous monsters with the ability to upgrade equipment and skills
  • Two-dimensional graphics with addictive gameplay and professional sound

In each epic battle of Shadow of Death: Dark Knight , you can send a warrior on a journey to conquer the world and collect swords, weapons and armor. This story started from the city of Noor in the land of Aeora. In this land king of Lutur, with a kind heart, built and ruled the foundations of his rule. But after a short time after his kingdom , the Royal Society called the eyes of Oracle was established to preserve and develop ancient knowledge, including magic, alchemy, astrology, medicine, and the tragedy of new problems with the reign of the king The fifteenth began.

Now, he who is looking for a way to bring his sister out of the dead of the dead and take extraordinary measures. But successively in this newpost- new era, after the explosion of his laboratory, occurred not only because many exotic creatures, but also in illnesses, developed, while the king of Luther disappeared and he lost his kingdom in the darkest period of the history of Eureura Left. A man named Max, who used to be a royal knight in King Luther’s court, returned from the trip to Denialon, and decided to find answers to what happened to himself and Aurora. Now Max’s journey has begun, and you must also take all of your abilities and explore these mysterious mysteries.

All of these, along with HD graphics with great design and excitement, have not left anyone talking and have been able to create the greatest mix of RPG and classics .