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Shapical: Photoeditor v2.002 Apk is Available !

Software photography geometric shapes Shapical: Photoeditor

Shapical: Photoeditor an incredibly interesting application in the field of photography is that it can be a very interesting idea described by the manufacturer. It lets you frame geometric shapes in abundance and with many plans and is included in the software’s ability to shoot and you stunning artwork. Working with the software is very simple and does not require any prior knowledge or just your plan and start shooting photos of geometric shapes.

Shapical Photoeditor

Features :

  • There are more than 300 geometric design incredibly beautiful
  • Different output styles
  • Very nice color palettes
  • Professional settings to apply tar and dark and light images
  • User interface is simple and easy interface

Shapical Photoeditor (2)Shapical Photoeditor (3)

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