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SHAREit Ad-Free v4.6.28_ww Apk is Available !

Latest version of popular SHAREit software

Shredded version without SHAREit ads

The Millet Software claims that it can send all the files you want even bulky files, such as a few gigabytes of video, to the other Android device or your PC through the wireless communication connection as soon as possible.

The maker of the Millet Software also claims that it is the fastest plan for the world to bring, and has introduced it to The World’s Fastest Way.But the first thing that comes to your application when you log in to the application is the ability to select the avatar (personal photo) for yourself, as well as the interface and user-friendly interface of the software, which we suggest you install and test yourself and experience. Get

SHAREit - Transfer & Share

Application Milk Schedule Features

  • Interface and user interface are very nice and enjoyable
  • Ability to send and transfer anything (photos, music, document, contact and number, etc.)
  • The ability to display all the devices in the range of this software
  •   The ability to send bulky files like video 40 times faster than bluetooth!
  • No need for any fees and internet connection
  • Ability to send your software through wireless!
  • Group sending and support for up to 5 Android devices

Note: Sending and receiving files from the phone to the computer and computer to the phone with SHAREit by the test manager was both perfect and unbelievable! If you have any problems, turn off your computer’s firewall and antivirus completely.

Guide to using the SHAREit software: On a handset or computer, the Send option, on the other, will receive the Receive and enjoy the high speed data transfer.


1. Optimized connection is for Android 7.1 and 8.0 
2. Supported Switching between languages 
3. Simplified login flow 
4. Your feedbacks are listened! We will reduce pop-up dialogs in the next version

Download files with direct link

Apk without ads – Size: 17.82 MB

Mac version – Size: 4.6 MB

Windows version (updated) – Size: 6.15 MB

Download the new free version – Size: 18.42 MB

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