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Shazam Encore v9.16.0-190117 Apk is Available !

Shazam Encore software to find music

With support for Persian music

Perhaps it has come to you many times that you have listened to a TV or a group of music that you like about it, but you did not know the name of the singer or the name of the music. In such a situation, it’s usually not possible to find the music.



  • Cover all singles, albums and special offers
  • New experience in listening to music along with lyrics
  • The ability to watch YouTube videos on YouTube
  • View songs and add them to the Rdio and Spotify playlists

The program works through the sound; so that you have to play the song you want and then open the program so that the software identifies the song through the microphone of the handset and then in the huge database It’s going to search for it and show it so you can easily download music or listen to Spitfire .

While listening to the tracks found, you can also view the lyrics of these songs, and you can also see lyrics and songs. There are two free and paid versions of the Shazam Encore version.


Thanks for Shazaming! We’re always working hard to make the app faster and better than ever. Update to the latest version to enjoy the latest and greatest Shazam.

Do not forget to keep your Shazams safe and in sync between your devices. Simply create a account and we’ll back up your shazams so you’ll never lose them.

Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback is music to our ears, and it helps us make Shazam even better. Got a question? Visit support.shazam.com.

Apk money version – Size: 12.55 MB

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