Quickcut Creator for Shortcutter Settings – Quick Settings & Side Bar

Many applications, in addition to the functional aspect, also have the beauty of the handset, which can change the look of your phone to look like a new and sleek look. Shortcutter Quick Settings is one of those programs that can make your access to different parts of the phone more comfortable, as well as providing a very attractive look.

Shortcutter - Quick Settings & Side Bar Premium v5.5.6 Create shortcut for settings

Shortcutter app features

This software allows you to create shortcuts for different sections, some of which are:

  • Auto sink
  • Show remaining battery
  • Quick camera run
  • Counting the number of clicks
  • Reversed timer
  • View the amount of data consumed
  • Have a flashlight
  • File manager program
  • Different modes for location
  • Play and stop music
  • Multi window

Shortcutter Quick Settings allows users to create quick shortcuts to access the main parts of the phone. This software allows you to create various sections for quick access to many parts. Shortcuts created in different parts of your phone will provide quick access. In addition to quick access, these shortcuts are also designed to create a very special beauty for your phone. You can get this software directly from the site.