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Simply Unroot v8.0.3 Apk is Available !

Simply Unroot phone Nrvt program

Take root access with just one click!

Ruth phone is considered an important issue and perhaps you also have repeatedly been looking to root your mobile phone. But the root of the latest addition to a series of phone access to free you will, on the other hand you will create a series of restrictions as well. Perhaps now your phone is rooted. But do not regret it and you want your phone to be routed out of the state or the so-called Nrvt it. Simply Unroot do so using the software will be possible. This application will allow users to root out from their phone and then it’s like the first day Nrvt!

Simply Unroot

Simply Unroot able to access all rooted in the phone remove it. Nrvt operation will be performed by the software permanently and as long as your phone again in the usual way, root, your phone will remain in Nrvt.

The program supports the following processors:

– Processor arm, x86 and mips

– Support for popular processors SuperUser


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