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Sky Force Reloaded v1.70 MOD Apk + Data is Available !

Very exciting and entertaining game Sky Force Reloaded

Attractive graphics and fancy two-dimensional design
Mental and competitive gameplay in the style of the air campaign
The Polish studio Infinite Dreams
The regular version + version mode
Note: This game only runs on Android 4.4 and above.

Expressed in dozens of style and unique genre of games, arcade style fighting Air and Space is one of the most popular styles. In this category of games like all the other games, you can find different examples that have great graphics and gameplay whole play prevails. But the games are not like other games in terms of graphics and three-dimensional design is not detailed, but its addictive gameplay and exemplary, the main selling point of the game. The beautiful game Sky Force Reloaded game series Sky Force unique example in this regard is that we continue to introduce and review it.


Features :

  • Unusual and attractive design
  • Two-dimensional graphics
  • Very beautiful and spectacular effects
  • Professional gameplay, fun and competitive in the style of Action
  • Its unique design makes and models of the atmosphere of the game
  • Despite heavy fighting and air breathtaking
  • There are dozens of different aircraft models and affordable
  • There are multiple stages and so much fun
  • There dangerous and very challenging bosses
  • Take advantage of a variety of weapons and military equipment
  • The ability to upgrade weapons, shields and …
  • Has different difficulty levels
  • Sound and music evocative text

Introduce and review the game Sky Force Reloaded

Beautiful and exciting game Sky Force Reloaded is one of the popular games and popular Polish studio Infinite Dreams Sky Force is a series of games in the style of action and with an excellent rating from 5.0 to 4.7 for the Android operating system has been released for free . This game is like the previous games of this series, in the style of struggle and air space and the elements of a classic game in the style of 90s arcades offer.

In this game you will enter a world full of strife and struggle was breathtaking. If the classic gamers play on, be sure the game will be memorable for you. Style is simple but very challenging. Your plane was at the bottom of the image and you will face enemies come towards you and shoot towards you, will hinder progress. Your task is to shoot enemy aircraft and, of course, is to dodge their fire.

Breathtaking graphics and unique design and professional atmosphere to play with smoother gameplay Sky Force Reloaded, this game has become one of the best Shvtrhay space. Visual effects like explosions meaning of the word in this game are engaging and exciting. You can earn points and collect items for points, to achieve a better aircraft. As well as a wide section to upgrade their aircraft military equipment, and you can use this section weapons, missiles, lasers and various defense shields for yourself.


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