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Skype – free IM & video calls v7.35.0.130 Apk is Available !

Voice calling and high-quality video and HD
With more than 1 billion downloads from Google Play

Shaggy version without ads

If you are using Messenger for Skype – Skype free IM video calls, you no doubt will remember it as one of the best and it will be permanent user.

Skype --- free-IM - & - video-calls


  • Find friends and family to be very fast very fast among the 250 million people who use Skype
  • Ability to start a conversation with a friend just by selecting their names in anywhere you
  • Calls worldwide via Skype – voice calling and video with friends and family High Definition
  • Calling the phone with a very low cost with the ability to send SMS to Mobile
  • The ability to share favorite content such as videos, images, links, applications and …

About Skype

Competition in the world of Messenger, especially Msnjrhayy which has a version for mobile phones are these days very difficult. Any company that supplied the messenger apps manually, tries to put the new features and functionality in their applications to attract more users and that more competition is hot to the touch. But the messenger apps are also present in this leg of the race many years ago and they are still in the same supply Taz. Instant Messaging is one of those who still able to keep his name in this field as one of the best to count, Messenger is Skype free IM video calls.

At the beginning of the description should be noted that you will need to use Skype Web browser address Skype.com Skype to create a new ID. Use Skype users are subject to the LED, because you get into the Skype program is possible only by using the same ID. (Note that Skype for those users who are also allowed to enter the Microsoft account)

After entering the Skype app you can search the name or ID’re looking for people who search for and then finding them, send them a friend request to communicate with them. The Skype app, text chat feature included. Calls for high-resolution audio in this app for users. One of the main sectors of Skype is the ability to make video calls. Skype video calls is done by, among other great instant fame and the reason for this is that Skype is also very high quality HD.

If you have a phone with a front camera, you can moderate the people with whom you chat to see a very high quality. During the chat, the ability to share images, video files, links and any file that you will imagine. Quickly send files using Skype is very high. Skype is available in your chat history and you can simply refer to the section you want to access them.

For users who like to keep in touch as well Skype mobile number is thoughtful choice. In Skype can call at low cost with different mobile numbers and keep in touch with them. It also allows you to send SMS mode is also provided to users. The newest version of Skype on ApkTops continue to have prepared you can get it with a direct link.

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