Skype --- free-IM - & - video-calls


  • Quickly find friends and family very quickly among the 250 million people using Skype
  • The ability to start a conversation with friends only by choosing their name anywhere
  • Make calls around the world via Skype – Make voice and video calls with your friends and family members of high quality.
  • The ability to make mobile calls at a very low cost with the ability to send SMS to mobile
  • Ability to share favorite files such as movie, image, link, program and …

Introducing the service

The competition in the world of messengers, especially messengers that have a mobile phone version, these days is hard to come by. Any company that offers handheld Messenger apps will try to add more users with new features and features in its schedule, and this will make the market more competitive. But there are also messenger programs that have been competing for years and continue to be on the same show.One of the same messengers that has still managed to keep track of its name and is considered one of the best, Messenger is Skype free IM video calls.

At the beginning of the description, it should be noted that in order to use the browser you have to create a new ID on the Skype web site. Use of Skype is subject to the creation of a user’s login, because it is only possible for you to access the application. (Note, of course, that Skype also allows users who have a Microsoft account)

After logging in to the program, you can search in the search field, name or identifier of the people who are looking for you, and send them a friend request after they find them so that you can communicate with them. In the Skype app, text chat functionality is included. The possibility of making high-quality voice calls is also available to users in this app.

Video call

If you have a modest front-facing camera, you can see the people you chat with at high quality. During the chat, you will have the opportunity to share pictures, video files, links, and any file you have in mind. Skype-facing video calls have a reputation among other instant messengers, due to the high quality of Skype.

Quickly send files

The speed of sending files in Skype is very high. On Skype, your chat history is accessible and you can easily access them by visiting the section you are looking for.

Cheap international calls

For users who like to be in touch with mobile numbers,has also been thinking. In Skype, you can call and interact with small numbers at a fraction of the cost. It is also possible to send SMS messages to users.