Skype Light for Android Skype Lite – Chat & Video Call

As you know, for a while, the Light versions of Android’s famous apps come from their own company. The main difference with the standard version of the app is its low-speed, high-performance, and high-speed functionality than the original program. So far, we’ve introduced most of the lightweight versions of the various apps in, and this time it’s time to introduce Skype Light!


  • Free voice and video calling on skype
  • Chat with friends and family on Skype
  • Ability to manage more comfortable and better SMS
  • The lowest use of Internet data usage
  • View data usage for Skype calls
  • Sharing images and files and …
  • Free call from India to USA (Canada) via mobile

Skype Lite is a smaller and faster version of the Skype app for the Android operating system, which allows you to communicate in audio and video. This software has a smaller volume than Skype, and has also increased the speed of access to its various sections due to the lack of visual effects. Particularly, it’s worth mentioning that this version can also be used for lower-speed Internet service providers because its compatibility with low-speed Internet is much higher.