Smart AudioBook Player Audiobook

Unlocked version with all features

The Smart AudioBook Player can be considered as the best and most widely used audio book player. Which has been designed and released by Alex Kravchenko for special features and high-quality broadcasting. With this appealing app, you’ll enjoy using smartbooks or audiobooks and experience the technology with other readers and listening to audiobooks.

Smart AudioBook Player


  • Has an automatic audio player widget when sleeping
  • Ability to classify new books, started, finished and …
  • No need to finish a book to start the next book
  • Supports audio formats like mp3, m4a, m4b and …
  • Ability to download various covers from the Internet and play them automatically
  • Ability to create a list of characters for easier tracking stories
  • Has a history of audio books distributed with a simple interface

Before anything else, the Smart AudioBook Player has the unique features and features that all of them have hand in hand to make the program the best option to play m4b format or converted audiobook format Slowly One of the features of this program is the ability to control the speed of play, classify new books, start, finish and …, download different covers of the Internet, create a list of characters for easier tracking stories, auto pauses Sleep and re-activation, history of distributed audio books, shortcut widget, and more. Support for audio formats such as mp3, m4a, m4b, awb, ogg, wma, aac is also possible in this program, which is also due to its popularity and has made the program from other similar software in this field. So that you do not need to have the same programs.