Smart Compass for Android Smart Compass

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Possibility to display the direction of the qibla and the goniometer

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As Smart Compass is also well known, you’re dealing with a range of smart and functional gadgets that you can use in different situations. In this app, you will see a variety of tools that we’ll discuss below.



  • Correct display of orientation in portrait and landscape mode
  • Calculate the angle of the object
  • Accurate speedometer
  • Precision Qibla View
  • Use the camera for touch gauge
  • High precision metal detectors using handheld sensors
  • Gps support
  • Show North direction
  • Send gps data via email and sms
  • Showing general and military coordinates
  • Ability to calibrate

Compass: Undoubtedly, all of us need a professional compass when traveling and holidays to find the right path if we lose track. The highly professional and efficient compass included in this package will allow you to easily navigate the route.

Qibla: Possibility to display Qibla is one of the requirements that can be very useful for people who want to read prayers. In this program, you will have the ability to view the direction of the Qibla, and you can easily find the Qiblah for reading prayer.

Gauge: This application uses a camera phone to measure angles. Just put your phone in a position where the program can cover the angle you want to display after that angle.

Speedometer: A speedometer device is also included in this Android app to help you see your speed while walking or walking.

Tip: To view the Qibla and enable the Qibla View from the program settings, select Direction .