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Smart Launcher Pro 5 Unlocked

Plus plugins and dedicated skins

Smart Launcher is a smart and beautiful launcher for Android smartphones, which allows you to change the looks of your phone to a very stylish look. By installing the Smart Launcher, you can remove your phone from the appearance of a consistent and consistent look.

Smart Launcher v5 build 016 Download Smart Launcher v5 build 016

Features of Android Smart Launcher

  • Ability to add homepages to 9
  • Ability to access widgets from home screen
  • Drag two fingers on the screen to access the contacts’ apps
  • New layout and layout
  • Complete management on your categories list
  • Has 20 new categories to add custom menus
  • With 7 awesome and amazing animations
  • Fast support and quick updates for launcher
  • Lowest use of hardware resources such as RAM and battery
  • Designed to be material
  • Quick access to favorite apps
  • Start the secondary program by double-clicking on the icon
  • Categorized program list automatically
  • Search bar for searching among apps and contacts
  • View notifications on the phone’s home screen
  • View different notifications on your phone’s home screen
  • Has several options for customizing the launcher
  • Maintain the security of the programs by placing the desired password on them
  • Run on most Android phones and tablets and Google TV

Smart Launcher Smart Launcher Pro

Smart Launcher is a unique launcher for those users who have been bothered by the unevenness of their phone. With a unique design and highly intelligent processing engine, the launcher allows users to wonderfully change the look of their mobile device and see a new, stunning look.

In addition to being able to change the appearance of the smartphone, the Smart Lunch also has a variety of smart tools that provide you with a wide range of features. In this launcher, you’ll see a variety of widgets that you can use on your phone’s screen. Also on this launcher, you’ll be able to see the various notifications like SMS, missed calls, Messenger app notifications, and more … in a beautiful way on your mobile home screen. You can see more features in the launcher in the Features section.

Notifications for Smart Launcher is also an alert plugin for this beautiful launcher, which is better to install.