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Smart Launcher Pro 3 v3.24.21 Apk is Available !

Smart smart launcher Launcher Android Smart Launcher 3

Along with proprietary plugins and skins

Smart Launcher, an intelligent and very beautiful launcher for Android smartphones which allows you to change the look of your phone, you will have a beautiful appearance. Install Smart Launcher can appear with your phone steady and consistent as you have seen, not outside.



  • Ability to add homepages to 9
  • Access to different widget from the home screen
  • Drag two fingers on the screen to access apps and contacts
  • Has a new look and layout
  • Full management on your list of categories.
  • 20 new categories to add custom menus
  • 7 having awesome and amazing animation
  • Support fast and quick updates to the launcher
  • The use of hardware resources such as RAM and battery
  • Designed for Material
  • The ability to quickly access favorite programs
  • Start secondary program by double-clicking on the icon
  • Categories list apps automatically
  • Search bar to search through applications and contacts
  • Show notifications on the home screen
  • View Announcement different phone’s home
  • Has numerous options to customize the launcher
  • Security program by placing arbitrary code on them
  • Run on most Android phones and tablets and Google TV

Smart Launcher Pro Launcher

Smart Launcher launcher unparalleled environment for those users that their phone steady and constant fatigue them. The launcher with unique design very intelligent processing engine, allowing users to look up your mobile phone to see amazing changes and new look are stunning.

Smart Launcher launcher, in addition to the possibility of changing the appearance of the handset is a smart tool that features a wide variety are also puts at your disposal.

The launch control will be different widgets that you can use them on your phone. Also in the launcher, allowing you to different notifications such as SMS, missed calls, notifications in Messenger app and to beautiful form on the home page of your mobile phone. More Features Features can see it in the launcher.

Notifications for Smart Launcher also alerts plugin displays launchers for these beautiful that it is advisable to install.

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