Smart Scan Pro Scanner Scanner: PDF Scanner

Fully unlocked and patched version

Smart Scan Pro: PDF Scanner is a software to scan documents and images using a mobile phone camera. This software will turn the phone into a powerful scanner, with which you can take photos and documents, and shoot them to scan.


  • Delete the corners of the document using the croup tool
  • OCR tool to identify text inside the image
  • Make highlighted images
  • Naming documents and the possibility of searching among them
  • Share documents as PDFs
  • Back up documents and rebuild at any time

In the past, a scanner was used to transfer an image or a document to a computer, which, besides high cost, did not have much quality. But due to the power of the smartphone’s camera, scanners gave up a lot to mobile handsets, so mobile phones could be replaced by another piece of accessories. Mobile phones with powerful cameras can act as a very powerful scanner.

Smart Scan Pro: PDF Scanner is a program for scanning documents, documents, and pictures from which you can take a shot from your photo or document, and by cutting off its extra edges, simply transfer it to the computer. Or use it. This powerful software with tools that it can take you from any scanner.