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Smurfs Village v1.7.7a MOD Apk + Data is Available !

The newest version of Smurfs Village android Smurfs Village game

The regular version + version mode

Smurfs’ Village or Village of the Smurfs and beautiful game with great graphics for Android OS is a strategic style game where you build and manage Smurfs Village and lovable characters The Smurfs are also guide you and watch make your own fun and experience the best management game in Andrvydfvn to bring the village.


Features :

  • Construction of the Smurfs village with all kinds of tools
  • Popular games such as Smurfs The Smurfs Grandpa, lazy Smurfs, The Smurfs Children
  • Buy Smurfs berries from within the game and speed up the growth of crops and villages
  • Connect with friends on Facebook and send gifts to their Smurfs Village
  • Play offline Manage village anytime without having to connect to the Internet
  • Perform mini games to play like cooking or playing mix potions Smurfs The Smurfs stomachs and Grandpa
  • Having a very high graphics with addictive gameplay compared to its low volume

In this game you play the role agriculture will have to produce and sell products and thereby earn the farmer pays. The difference in this game with the same period of curing products. Unlike other similar games that products come within seconds of operation, depending on the type of product in this game a few minutes to a few tens of minutes is required. This makes the game more appealing long time, and you entertain the week. Games Smurfs’ Village has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play Android is the most popular strategic games that we latest version of it along with the data file placed at your disposal. be with us …

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